Yaya, Squito Ban 4oz

Yaya, Squito Ban 4oz

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  • All Natural Mosquito Repellent: Made with deet-free ingredients that are effective in keeping mosquitoes away. Great for outdoor activities like camping, mountain biking, hiking, beach trips. Enjoy the outdoors, let us take care of the bugs
  • Plant-Based Ingredients: Made in the USA with certified organic and non-GMO soybean and castor oils and natural essential oils of citronella, clove and more. No harsh chemicals and non-toxic ingredients so it’s safe to use on your skin, clothing or gear
  • Proven Effective: Protect your whole family, including children and adults, with a safe and natural bug repellent that was independently lab-tested for efficacy
  • Easy Application: Simply spray on skin, clothing, gear or accessories for bug protection. Our bottle is recyclable, convenient for frequent applications and can be sprayed while upside down (16 oz size only)
  • Fresh Herbal Scent: Amazing scent that you’ll love and bugs will hate. Our alcohol free formula keeps ticks, black flies, gnats, and other bugs out of your bubble. 100% money-back guarantee, YAYA Organics stands by its promise of purity