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FinaFlex, Stimul8 Dynamite, Gummy Bears, 4.4oz


FinaFlex, Stimul8 Dynamite, Gummy Bears, 4.4oz

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FINAFLEX STIMUL8 DYNAMITE is a Dynamic Pre-Work-out designed to deliver explosive energy, increased blood flow, as well as heightened focus and motivation during workouts! Powered by a unique formula featur-ing novel patented and heavily researched ingredients makes STIMUL8 DYNAMITE like no other pre-work-out formula on the market! BLOW UP YOUR WORKOUT WITH STIMUL8 DYNAMITE!

  • New Ultimate Pre-workout packed with new stronger stimulants than the original stimul8 (not intended for people sensitive to stimulants)
  • Incldues novel ingredient to increase blood flow to your muscles
  • Contains new carnitine metabolite that helps to burn fat while preserving your muscles
  • Promotes energy and focus WITHOUT the Crash!