Soma, Replacement Water Filters 2ct

Soma, Replacement Water Filters 2ct

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Hydration is key to health. The Soma Filter turns ordinary tap water into fresh, filtered water, effectively reducing unwanted contaminants like chlorine, mercury, copper, and more.

Thoughtfully Designed

Our filter casing is made with sugarcane plant-based materials, meaning a lower carbon footprint.

Care Instructions

Soak your new filter laying flat in cold water for 15 minutes. Rinse it under running water for 10 seconds. Align filter and push firmly into place in your Carafe or Pitcher. Put the lid back on.

  • Reduce harmful contaminants and drink fresh, delicious water with the NEW Soma filter. Filter reduces cadmium, chlorine, mercury, copper, and zinc
  • The filter casing is made from , renewable plant-based sugar cane, leaving a smaller carbon footprint
  • The media in the filter housing is made with certified sustainable activated coconut shell carbon
  • The new lid design allows air to rise through the top and escape while water flows through the outer valley allowing for maximum flow and a more consistent flow rate (4-6 minutes per fill)
  • Every time you buy a Soma filter, we donate to charity: water projects