Slick 50, Engine Treatment 32oz
Slick 50, Engine Treatment 32oz
Slick 50

Slick 50, Engine Treatment 32oz

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Slick 50 Classic Engine Treatment with Cerflon PTFE 32-Ounce is engineered to outperform and optimize engine performance. Its advanced CERFLON technology protects your engine, while resisting chemical breakdown. Cerflon is a ceramic-reinforced fluoropolymer. The patented Cerflon FluoroCeramic technology increases the lubricity and durability for lubricants and coatings! The chemical compound, Boron Nitride, is added to the fluoropolymer - also known by the DuPont registered trademark Teflon. Not only is Boron Nitride the only material known to fully reinforce the fluoropolymer, in fact, in a 4 Ball Wear Test an industry standard test that measures the wear protection of a fluid on a metal surface, a base oil compound with Cerflon scores 15% better than a base oil compound in PTFE alone. Directions: Shake well before use. Use once a year or every oil change whichever comes first. 5 Quarts or less- Replace 1 quart (32 ounces) of motor oil with 1 bottle (32 ounce/ 1 quart) Slick 50 Classic Engine Treatment with Cerflon PTFE. 6 Quarts or more: Replace 20% motor oil with Slick 50 Classic Engine Treatment Cerflon PTFE 32 ounce.

  • Protects against power robbing friction and heat
  • Enhances oil durability
  • Cleans and prevents sludge
  • Use every oil change for maximum effectiveness
  • Lubricity of PTFE but with Ceramic Technology which means the best wear protection and the best thermal stability - Better than PTFE alone
  • Original Slick50