Red Sea, Nitrate and Phosphate Reducer
Red Sea

Red Sea, Nitrate and Phosphate Reducer

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Help keep algae problems in check by feeding nitrate and phosphate reducing bacteria with Red Sea's Reef Care NO3: PO4-x Nitrate and Phosphate Reducer. Controlling nitrate and phosphate also preserves beneficial zooxanthellae algae. Helps your corals achieve the best health, vivid, electric coloration and rapid growth. Part of the Reef Care Program, which also includes: Algae Management , Reef Colors , Reef Foundations , and Reef Energy . For the healthiest corals, use the entire Reef Care Program. For more information, download the Reef Care Program guide from Red Sea.

  • Salt Water Conditioners
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Package Dimensions: 3.5" L X 3.5" W X 10" H