Naturulz, Ultimate Healing Cream 4oz

Naturulz, Ultimate Healing Cream 4oz

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Ultimate Healing Cream addresses pain as a simple, clean NO JUNK nutritional remedy, and can be used for a seemingly infinite number of health, and work related pain issues. Put Ultimate Healing Cream exactly Where It Hurts as often as you need it.

  • Ultimate Healing Cream provides natural pain relief for minor arthritis pain, backache, muscle soreness, and sprains.
  • Liquefies when rubbed in. Ultimate Healing Cream becomes liquid at 76 degrees for quick absorption.
  • NO odor, burning, or sticky mess. NO waxes, NO water, NO stearates, NO emulsifiers, NO synthetics, NO fillers.
  • Powerful 10 ingredient all natural plant-based formula is easily absorbed through the skin and quickly penetrates deeply.
  • Use frequently in small amounts. Your skin should not feel greasy. If it does, you have used too much (just rub into other areas and it will quickly absorb.