Mr. Clean, Premium Gloves Medium
Mr Clean

Mr. Clean, Premium Gloves Medium

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Latex-Free, Durable, Tear Resistant & Waterproof

Made with the highest quality latex-free proprietary material we call 'Bliss', these gloves resist tears and outperform cheaper brands. Long lasting use for all of your everyday, household chores.

Ideal, Comfort Design

Enhanced with pillow soft, ultra-plush lining the gloves are pure bliss while washing dishes and cleaning your home.

Non-slip design gives you a handle on slippery dishes, glassware and more.

Protects Your Hands

Protect your hands from harsh detergents with these comfortable, high quality constructed gloves.

Bliss gloves are perfect for hand washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, and are great for pet care, gardening, washing your car and more.

  • Cloud-soft lining
  • Latex-free, size Medium
  • Embossed palm
  • Phthalate free
  • 12-Inch long cuff