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Lexol Equine, Leather Deep Conditioner 1L

Lexol Equine

Lexol Equine, Leather Deep Conditioner 1L

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Lexol Original Formula Leather Conditioner Preservative Softens Leather Prevents Cracking Preserves, strengthens and beautifies all your leather: Auto Upholstery Saddlery Boots Briefcases Luggage Sports Equipment Shoes Furniture Handbags Lexol protects old and new leather from cracking and premature aging by providing the lubrication necessary to keep it strong and supple. It is made with the finest tanning oils which are emulsified into microscopic droplets. These oil droplets bond to the leather fibers, nourishing the leather and leaving no greasy residue. Use Lexol regularly to keep your leather looking and performing its best. Directions : Shake well. If leather is dirty, clean it first with Lexol pH Leather Cleaner. Then apply Lexol onto leather and promptly spread with a cloth or Lexol Applicator Sponge to cover entire area. After a few minutes, wipe off excess and buff with a soft, dry cloth. For delicate leather, test Lexol on a hidden area. Lexol may slightly darken light colored leathers. Not recommended for suede or glove soft leather.

  • Softens leather & helps prevent cracking.
  • Ideal for smooth leathers.
  • For best results, use with Lexol Leather Cleaner.
  • Prolongs the life of leather