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Irwin Naturals, VO2 Max Performance Fat Burner 60ct

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VO2 Max is a clinical measure of physical endurance and indicates how well the body manages oxygen consumption during strenuous exercise. The higher the VO2 Max is, the greater the fitness of the body. KSM-66 has been shown to significantly improve VO2 Max in female athletes. based on a study that included both male and female subjects.

VO2 Max Performance Fat Burner is a multi-pronged female-centric formula that delivers a powerful performance boost* by supporting the female body in four key ways:

  • Boost Thermogenesis & Metabolism: EGCG from Green Tea Extract + Caffeine enhances metabolism and help burn calories. This thermogenic combination—while not literally “melting” fat off the body—supports increased thermogenesis and fat burning (fat oxidation). 

  • Optimize Endurance: This powerful formula features KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract, which is prized for its ability to combat the negative effects of stress, and increase physical endurance in female athletes. KSM-66 is combined with Maca Root plus Schisandra Berry Extract which is a valuable adaptogen used traditionally to support stamina and vitality.

  • Combat Fatigue: In addition to the fatigue-fighting effects of KSM-66 and Natural Caffeine, this product also delivers MCT Oil along with a specialized blend of B Vitamins to support cellular energy production