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Irwin Naturals, Liquid Collagen 3.35oz 10ct

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  • SKIN REVITALIZATION - Liquid Collagen is a truly innovative product specially designed to supply a full 4,000 mg of collagen along with an antioxidant blend, a broad spectrum of botanicals with antioxidant activity and nutrients such as biotin and silica. With only 25 calories and 4 g of protein, provides a quick, beauty boosting pick me up without a lot of added sugar.
  • FIGHT THE AGING PROCESS - Collagen is a complex structural protein that contributes to the strength, elasticity, protection and turnover of skin cells all while helping to retain moisture within the deep dermal layers. As we age, the rate of collagen production decreases in our body. This decrease in collagen production is believed to be one of the primary reasons for the development of fine lines, wrinkles and dryness of skin.
  • BEAUTY FROM THE INSIDE OUT - Combines types I & III collagen along with 6,000 mcg of silica and 2,000 mcg of biotin, the essential super beauty nutrient, to provide the building blocks needed to replenish important nutrients in the hair, skin, and nails. Along with the superfruit antioxidant blend of blueberry juice, pomegranate juice, green tea extract which help protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • ANTIOXIDANT BLEND - One liquid-tube per day delivers superior levels of collagen, plus a broad spectrum of antioxidants and nutrients to help revitalize the skin from the inside out. No more measuring or messy powders just add to water and drink! Unique liquid delivery form works fast and is easy to use anywhere you want to drink it. Easy to take on the run during a busy day.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - As a leader in innovation and research, Irwin Naturals is committed to providing outstanding, highest quality products for your health and well-being. We employ compliance testing to ensure purity and potency. Our goal is to bring you targeted formulas with ingredients at effective levels.