AminoLock Collagen, 180 ct

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The Aminolock® Collagen is a bioactive complex derived from collagen hydrolysate and is created using a unique enzymatic process called AminoLock® Sequential Technology.

This unique manufacturing process was developed exclusively by Genacol’s Research and Development team and consists in improving collagen’s amino acids.

Its manufacturing meets the highest biotechnological standards and conforms to all the governmental requirements.  Its effectiveness has been proven by three clinical studies.  It is a substance that provides the necessary elements to the body and helps to nutritionally support its collagen-building efforts.

When taken regularly, the Aminolock® Collagen gets exceptional results. The importance of collagen: collagen is a fibrous protein structure that makes up the white fibres (collagen fibres) in the skin, the tendons, the bones, the cartilages and all the conjunctive tissues.

Collagen is a protein found in all of the body’s structural support. With aging, our body produces less and less collagen which can result in a deficiency that is the source of numerous problems such osteoarthritis, joint pain, back pain, wrinkles, loss of strength and flexibility, and much more.