Frontier Co-op, Lemongrass 1lb
Frontier Co-op, Lemongrass 1lb
Frontier Co-op

Frontier Co-op, Lemongrass 1lb

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  • LEMONGRASS - Frontier Co-op Cut and Sifted Organic Lemongrass (Botanical name: Cymbopogon citratus) is a well-known culinary herb often used in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Caribbean cuisines. This organic product adds a lemony flavor to any dish. It is also used in skincare products.
  • A VERSATILE HERB - Lemongrass is not only a reliable seasoning for cooking, but it is also a great condiment and a staple in the making of skin care products and essential oils.
  • CITRUSY - Frontier Co-op Lemongrass is sifted and cut to produce a citrusy, lemon-like profile. Its taste is a combination of lemon and mint. This product blends well with other flavors that add a slightly sharp and tangy taste to recipes.
  • ORGANIC FROM SRI LANKA - Our lemongrass is cultivated and processed in Sri Lanka. This product is certified organic and Kosher. There are no chemicals or preservatives used at any stage of the growing process.
  • ABOUT US - Owned by stores and organizations that buy and sell our products, Frontier Co-op has been a member-owned cooperative since 1976. We support natural-living and our products are never irradiated or treated with ETO. We're committed to the health and welfare of the environment and everyone producing and consuming our botanical products.