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Fat Burning Protein, Vanilla 14.6 oz

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What’s JLo’s favorite go-to protein source? It’s BodyLab’s delicious Fat Burning Protein shake. With just the right amount of fast-absorbing, superior quality protein for women, combined with a proprietary thermogenic fat burning compound, it will help you reduce waist size AND promote 4x (that’s four times) more abdominal fat reduction than ordinary protein shakes. And the best part? You’ll absolutely love the taste of this 90-calorie-per-serving fat burning powerhouse.


Finally, a protein formula that’s also a fat burner. That’s right, a protein that not only helps you fuel lean, sculpted (not bulky, manly-looking) muscle, but also helps you burn fat. Our research team at BodyLab realized many of the sports nutrition products on the market today are geared toward men, are designed to boost testosterone, or contain added creatine, which helps men bulk up. But women don’t want to be bulky, and the last thing we need is a deep voice or mustache.

Focusing on the specific needs of a woman’s body (which tends to hang on to fat more readily than a man’s body) led to the creation of our deliciously unique Fat Burning Protein shake. It has just the right amount of protein for women — 30 grams per day from high-quality whey — with only 90 calories per serving. Plus its fat burning compound helps reduce waist size AND promote 4x more abdominal fat reduction. In fact, in the study, subjects in the experimental group who supplemented with the fat burning compound present in BodyLab Fat Burning Protein lost four times the abdominal fat as compared with subjects who dieted, exercised and supplemented with a control. Results showed that total abdominal fat area decreased in the experimental group at 12 weeks compared to baseline with a decrease of 26.7 cm2, which was significantly different compared to a decrease of 6.7 cm2 with the control. (Am J Clin Nutr 2005;81:122–9.)

And the best part? You’ll absolutely love the taste!

Fat Burning Protein is the ultimate secret weapon for toning up AND slimming down — all in one scrumptious Decadent Chocolate Fudge or Classic Vanilla shake!