EasyLiner, Duck Smooth Top 6ft

EasyLiner, Duck Smooth Top 6ft

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Smooth Top EasyLiner 20 inch shelf liner provides an easy-to-clean surface for under-the-counter cabinets, wide shelves and large drawers in your kitchen, bath and laundry room. The non-adhesive grip bottom keeps the shelf liner in place and doesn’t leave a sticky residue, while the smooth top lets you easily slide objects across. With a variety of colors and trendy patterns, you can bring new life to cabinets – just cut, apply to your clean surface and style away.

  • Ideal for: cabinets and shelves in kitchen, bath and laundry room
  • Non-adhesive grip bottom keeps liner in place and is removable
  • Easy to slide objects such as dishes and glasses in and out of cabinets across smooth top surface
  • Machine washable for easy cleanup. Wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.
  • Smooth Top is a solid surface to keep spills and crumbs contained