EarthKind, Fresh Cab Rodent Repel 2.5oz 4pk

EarthKind, Fresh Cab Rodent Repel 2.5oz 4pk

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Fresh Cab is made in the United States and registered for use in all 50 states, Fresh Cab is the only U.S. Federal EPA registered, plant-based rodent repellent to meet professional efficacy standards, and licensed for indoor use standards. It is a bio-repellent with no required human, animal, or environmental warnings and has been proven to be highly effective by independent lab and field studies, farmers, electrical companies and pest control professionals.

Fresh Cab pouches are made with a blend of plant fiber and botanical extracts that rodents find offensive, but people find pleasant. The scent triggers escape/avoidance behavior when a rodent enters a treated area. A rodent may still enter a treated area if under extreme pressure or nutritional stress, but will not stay to nest, or spend more than a few minutes in treated area. Fresh Cab can be used alone or as part of an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) plan depending on specialized need. Simply place pouches in the areas noted in the table to immediately start controlling your mouse and rat problem.

  • Fresh Cab is a natural, plant-based rodent repellent that meets professional efficacy standards
  • Use Fresh Cab pouches to repel rodents from basements/attics, pantries, cabins, under hot tubs, garages/sheds, storage units, autos, trucks, tractors, farm equipment, sheds, barns, RVs and boats
  • Simply place Fresh Cab pouches in enclosed spaces to immediately start controlling your rodent problem
  • The scent from Fresh Cab pouches is pleasant to humans but offensive to rats and mice and has been proven to trigger avoidance behavior and repel rodents
  • Fresh Cab is the only bio-pesticide rodent repellent registered by the EPA for use indoors and in enclosed areas