Divine Health, Keto Zone Coconut Cream 9.26oz
Divine Health

Divine Health, Keto Zone Coconut Cream 9.26oz

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You can enter the Keto Zone in less than one hour with Instant BHB Ketones Powder! This is a new kind of ketogenic supplement that supplies the body with exogenous (externally sourced) ketones, as opposed to the endogenous (internally sourced) ketones normally produced by the liver. These ketone salts provide the body with a ketone called Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) paired with mineral salt electrolytes of magnesium, calcium, and sodium.

Burning fat in the Keto Zone increases the body's utilization of minerals, and this in return, can lead to dehydration. Pairing BHB with electrolyte mineral salts helps to remineralize the body's depleted electrolyte stores. Now you can avoid the symptoms of the keto flu as you make the transition to becoming a fat-burning machine. BHB salts can also be used after the adaptation phase to help the body get back in the Keto Zone after carbohydrate consumption. A strict ketogenic diet of less than 20 grams per day is still necessary to stay in the Keto Zone, but Instant Ketones can help you recover after the occasional slip-up.

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