Urban Moonshine

Urban Moonshine, Digestive Bitters, Original, 8oz

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  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE - We strive to make products that are safe & effective. We steer clear of herbs that are widely contraindicated so that most folks can safely use our products. Be sure to stay within the recommended serving size. If you have any specific medical concerns, please consult with a holistic practitioner or your doctor before starting a new supplement regime!
  • LOW ALCOHOL CONTENT - We feel that alcohol is the best way to extract and preserve the chemical constituents of the herbs we love. We use organic, gluten-free cane alcohol. This is a traditional method of making tinctures, and it gives our products the best taste and longest shelf life possible. There is a very low amount of alcohol in each serving, when you consider the dose of the product and the percentage alcohol.
  • GLUTEN FREE - Urban Moonshine Bitters and Tonics are made with 100% Certified Organic Cane Alcohol, which is naturally a gluten-free alternative to commonly used grain alcohol. We use it for its quality, taste, and extraction excellence! Were delighted to use no Genetically Modified Organisms in our productsno GMOs!
  • DIGESTIVE AID - Bitters stimulate your bodys own endogenous production of digestive enzymes. The bitter flavor signals your body to produce and release the enzymes you need to help digest and assimilate food. Stimulate the pancreas, gallbladder, and liver to release the gastric juices and enzymes that are necessary for digestion. Our bitters are great because they dont supply you with the enzymes from an outside source, rather, they challenge your body to do its job and produce its own enzymes