Curativa Bay, Hypochlorous Skin Spray 8oz
Curativa Bay

Curativa Bay, Hypochlorous Skin Spray 8oz

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Curativa Bay Organic Hypochlorous Spray (HOCL) is the most important substance naturally made by the human body that can be produced at commercial scale—pure and stable, is the best solution for cosmetic skin care. There is just nothing comparable amongst the whole spectrum of natural products that can bring so many benefits to skin care.

  • Made by your white blood cells that reside in the skin and brain, serves as the body’s “First Responder” to irritation correcting blemishes hurrying the healing of wounds, soothing acne and maintaining the health of skin at all stages of life.
  • Scientific evidence supporting these effects is plentiful and published in the most rigorous and prestigious biomedical and chemistry journals.
  • HOCL has proven cleansing, soothing and calming effects and redness and damaging changes from routine exposure to natural influence that harm skin are reversed.