BergaMet, Immune Citrus Bergamot 60ct
BergaMet, Immune Citrus Bergamot 60ct

BergaMet, Immune Citrus Bergamot 60ct

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PREMIUM IMMUNE SUPPORT - BergaMet IMMUNE uses the Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit TM, which is full of powerful antioxidants along with a unique combination of natural immune enhancing nutrients MACA, ZINC, & Magnesium SUPER IMMUNE RESPONSE - The Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit TM is a superfruit grown in Italy that is full of powerful antioxidants show to defend against free radicals, act as anti-inflammatory, & boost immune function. STRENGTHEN YOUR DEFENSES NATURALLY* - Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit TM is super-immune fruit that delivers both antioxidant and immune support. This formulation with MACA, Zinc, & Magnesium added, BergaMet IMMUNE provides Superior Immune support using all-natural ingredients in high potency. BergaMet IMMUNE is formulated from the highest quality ingredients including Citrus Bergamot SuperFruitTM to help maintain healthy immune systems. Bergamot contains a unique constellation of compounds which provide antioxidant, metabolic, anti-inflammatory, and immune boosting qualities. Bergamot contains 20 different antioxidant flavonoids. These flavonoids have different individual functions that are synergistic in their biological effects. They provide superior cardio-metabolic effects such as maintaining healthy Blood Sugar levels and vessel function. In addition, the key antioxidant flavonoids in Bergamot may help with free radicals, inflammation, and support immune function.

  • Immune Health
  • Antioxidants
  • Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit
  • Inflammation
  • Blood sugar