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Chewable Super Papaya Enzyme Plus 360ct

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Super Papaya Enzyme Plus - The After Meal Supplement Chewable Tablets, Sugar Free Super Papaya Enzyme Plus is sugar-free and includes refreshing peppermint and chlorophyll for fresh breath. Papaya Enzyme The After Meal Supplement contains the enzyme, papain, beneficial for aiding digestion, relieving indigestion and heartburn, enhancing assimilation, stimulating appetite and is beneficial for inflammatory bowel disease. The perfect "after meal" supplements. These delicious tablets are made from 100% natural ingredients: papaya fruit, papain and protease, alphaamylase, bromelain, lipase and cellulase, in a base containing peppermint and chlorophyll (for refreshing taste and sweet breath) sorbitol, mannitol and acacia. Supplement Facts Serving Size: 3 Tablets Amount Per Serving % Daily Value Protease (60 HU/mg) 3 mg Bromelain (0.160 GDU/mg) 3 mg Alpha Amylase (40 SKBU/mg) 3 mg Cellulase Enzyme (4 CU/mg) 3 mg Papain (6,000 USP units/mg) 45 mg Lipase (8 USP units/mg) 1.5 mg Papay