Beverly Int. Muscle Provider, 1 lb. 14.68 oz., Chocolate
Beverly International

Beverly Int. Muscle Provider, 1 lb. 14.68 oz., Chocolate

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  • After heavy lifting, it’s the best thing to feed hungry muscles: Muscle Provider (MP) absorbs so quickly you’ll literally feel it bringing your muscles “back to life,” allowing them to bounce back bigger and stronger, faster.*
  • 10X-Strength: MP outpowers other protein formulas with nearly 10X as much whey protein hydrolysate and 35X as much whey protein isolate, the two fastest-absorbing forms of whey.*
  • Muscle up, lean out: As MP’s high-powered whey proteins go to work on lean muscle, it satisfies your appetite and boosts your metabolism to burn fat faster.*
  • With its reputation for lean, hard gains and no bloating or water retention, elite natural physique athletes use MP right up to contest day.*
  • One bottle and you’ll want another: Chocolate MP tastes like chocolate cupcake batter; vanilla, like your favorite soft-serve ice cream. Wait until you try our protein pudding recipe!