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American Biotech, ASAP 22 Plus Silver Solution, 8oz

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The American Biotech Labs’ ASAP Solution Plus 22 ppm is an extra-strength silver suspension product. It has over twice the unique silver content as the regular Silver Protocol 10 ppm product, and is stronger than is usually needed to help boost the immune system. It is designed for those people who feel rundown and decide that they need some extra-strength help. Not All Silver is Created Equal There are hundreds of types of silver products on the market today, most are ionic or colloidal preparations. Most work by chemical action, meaning that they have to have direct contact with microbes to have any positive effect. Unique Fingerprint Work completed so far indicates that our products are distinguishable from every other silver product tested. The unique structure /compositions of the products, inherently results from the already patented manufacturing process. More Effective Product / Top Material Scientist This unique structure/composition of our silver products results in different efficacy when compared to existing silver products.