Aged Garlic Extract Liver Support Cleanse & Detoxification 50ct

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  • KYOLIC LIVER DETOX & CLEANSING GARLIC SUPPLEMENT: Blending our specially aged garlic with liver-supporting Milk Thistle, Picroliv Picrorhiza Kurroa & Amla Fruit Extracts; this synergistic combination has special properties that aid in detoxification & cleansing.
  • ALWAYS ODORLESS: Other supplements have a pungent garlic odor as well as harsh, oxidizing side effects. Our garlic is aged using an exclusive process that eliminates garlic odor as well as making our garlic supplements gentler on the digestive system.
  • FULL BODY SUPPORT: Not just for heart health; aged garlic is used for immune system support, digestion support, inflammation and detoxification. Plus, it has antioxidant power, making it an excellent source of support for full body health & wellness.
  • ORGANICALLY GROWN: Kyolic's high quality nutritional supplements start out with organically grown garlic, because we know that the greatest health benefits come from the cleanest natural sources, whether in a capsule, tablet, softgel gel cap, or liquid.
  • KYOLIC QUALITY: Our nutritional supplements compare favorably to those from Nature's Bounty, BRI, Solaray, Sundown, NOW, Tattva's Herbs, Solgar, Oregon's Wild Harvest, Aged Black Garlic, Puritan's Pride, Nature's Truth, Hippo, New Chapter, & Full Spectrum.