Green Guff, Skin and Coat 90ct
Green Guff, Skin and Coat 90ct
Green Guff

Green Guff, Skin and Coat 90ct

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  • CHEWABLE DOG TREATS FOR A HEALTHY SKIN & COAT - Soothe from Green Gruff is a delicious, chewable dog skin and coat supplement loaded with organic ingredients that have been found to effectively provide dog allergy relief, healthier skin, & a more vibrant canine coat. Great for dogs of all ages and sizes, and benefits are gradual with consistent daily use.
  • NATURAL FORMULA ENRICHED WITH NUTRIENTS - Our delicious, chewable dog omega 3 supplement contain organic fish oil, hemp seed oil, and organic cricket flour to improve and maintain the shine of your dog’s coat and provide itch relief for dogs. Algae, Sunflower lecithin and beneficial yeast help ease dog skin discomfort.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN & BACKED BY RESEARCH – We have worked with some of the leading vets and scientists in the industry. Our dog coat supplements are safe and loved by thousands of pets & their owners to reduce discomfort and deliver lasting relief in an incredible salmon flavor.
  • WHOLESOME, ORGANIC, & SUSTAINABLE INGREDIENTS - Protein-dense cricket powder, 10 amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals all enhance the nutritional and healing value of our dog skin supplement. Every dog allergy chew is sustainably sourced, wheat-free, soy free, corn free, and pesticide free.
  • GREEN GRUFF LOVE – Our mission is to give our dogs the happiest, longest, and healthiest lives possible through supplements that promote their overall health & wellbeing. We make the best dog supplements in the best way - our products for joint & hip health, a healthy coat, anxiety relief and essential probiotics are all made in the USA within 100% solar-powered facilities.