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Green Air, SpaMister, Flower Petal Model

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Diffusers turn water and essential oils into a very fine mist for aromatherapy purposes. Aromatherapy is useful for pain relief, mood enhancement, increased cognition, common colds, and more. The GreenAir’s SpaMister Jasmine Diffuser is BPA-free, covers up to 350 sq. ft. of space with a 150ml reservoir and run time of up to 5 hours. This diffuser features an attractive wooden base, white vase-shaped body, and beautiful petal decorations. It works perfectly with therapeutic-grade essential oils without heating them, a process which can compromise their molecular integrity. Its patented ultrasonic technology creates ultrafine mists for longer periods of time and better inhalation. It is affordable, reliable, and designed to work for years on end. It includes dimming LED lights for ambiance and three on/off settings: Continuous, 1 hour, and 2 hours. Perfect for nurseries, spas, studios, at home or in the office.